Monday, October 17, 2011

More on "Lincoln's Birth Mystery"

Here are some weblinks that also mention that John C. Calhoun is the father of Abraham Lincoln --                      

This "story" has been held to be true by those 'kin' to the Hanks near Anderson, S.C. as well as those 'kin' to the Calhouns in upper S.C.  There are other stories as to who Abraham Lincoln's father and mother were -- and the commonly written "history" that says Abe's father is Thomas Lincoln of Kentucky, and his mother was Nancy Hanks from somewhere in Virginia [now West Virginia].  The name, "Nancy Hanks" seems to have been about like "John Smith" in its usage at the early 1800s: there were a LOT of "Nancy Hanks".  This HISTORY MYSTERY probably won't be solved until somebody is able to compare the DNA of Abraham Lincoln and John C. Calhoun. 

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