Monday, October 17, 2011

Document that, IF FOUND, would prove John C. Calhoun fathered a baby with Nancy Hanks

NOTE: This was found embedded within several sources on the Internet that were written about
the Calhoun-Lincoln "connection" and is "supposed" to be taken from records at the 
Abbeville S.C. Courthouse.  It is essentially a child-support document/affidavit.   It is 
questionable whether this is really on file there.  Below is how it reads from the Internet 
online sources.

Copied at Abbeville Courthouse, South Carolina District of Abbeville: 

This agreement made and entered into on the 19th day of February 1809. I John C. Calhoun of the said state and district, of the first part and Nancy Hanks of the second part, for and in the consideration of the sum of $100.00 per year, to be paid to Nancy Hanks, for the support of an illegitimate son born February 12, 1809. The said sum of money to be paid to Christopher Orr, who shall act as guardian for said child.

John C. Calhoun Signed in the presence of, and on the above mentioned date. Witness Christopher Orr, Robert Brown Norris, Thomas Lincoln.


This Internet "source" says that the above "document" influenced Judge Alley [who wrote the book 
Random Thoughts And Musings of A Mountaineer (1941)] to conclude that John C. Calhoun was 
Abraham Lincon's father:

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  1. My wife Linda and I have a timeline that indicates John C. Calhoun was in fact in Abbeville during the time that Abraham Lincoln was conceived. If you are interested, we would be glad to forward our notes to you to assist in your own personal research.
    As for Linda, she is already convinced that John C. Calhoun is indeed His Father!